Ambrose Blackyne


May 22, 1983







Hair color


Eye color

Dark blue

Physical magic

Limited water distortion

Spiritual magic

Memory manipulation

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Ambrose Blackyne (b. 1983) is King of Tristan. His father, Lander Blackyne, was not very understanding of him so he was closer to his mother. He was forced by his father to go to war when he was eighteen but he made it out mostly unwounded. He has two children, Avalona and Adrien, and is married to Clara.

Relationships Edit


"We can make it work! Just imagine it."'

- Clara, to Ambrose

Clara and Ambrose started writing to each other when Clara was 15. They had met the previous year on a trip to Ambrose's homeland, Tristan. By the time Clara was 16, they were romantically involved. She wanted to run away with him, but he had to fight in a war. Luckily, the war was over by the time she was 19, and they successfully were married and Clara moved to Tristan, assuming the position of queen consort.

Lander Edit

Ambrose: I'm going to war in a month.

Clara: But... your parents... why you?

Ambrose: My father.

- Ambrose and Clara discussing Lander.

Lander Blackyne was a man who was very firm in his beliefs. He didn't get along well with Ambrose, his son, though Ambrose did show that he was very upset when Lander was killed on the battlefield.

Appearances Edit

  • Volume I: Escape the Moon (first mentioned)
  • Volume IV (future) (first appearance)